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21 March 2010 @ 06:06 pm
Walked about 8km today  
As explained in a previous post, I wanted to see just how far I could walk without stopping. I never tried that before. Today was a great day to walk, since it was breezy but not cold. The weather was amazing.

So, according to my cheap pedometer, I walked 3.1 miles without stopping, but Anya and Brian said it was 4.4 miles because they mapped it out with their car as part of their training routine (later, Google maps sided with them). I walked through neighborhoods and a forest trail I never knew existed near my house. Terrain was mostly flat, with a little uphill here and there. I made internal measurements as we stopped at walk crossings, and tried to judge how I was doing. My asthma only bothered me while we were walking along route 50, but that was due to pollution and the dust the cars were kicking up. My bad ankle didn't even peep. When I had my pedometer with me for a few months, I realized I did an average of 2-3 miles of walking a day at work, with peaks of 5 miles when I was doing data center work. So it didn't surprise me much that 4.4 miles was little more than a light stroll. I didn't really even break a sweat, although my right hip joint is a little sore (odd, because I don't have hip problems). But otherwise, feet fine, ankle fine, and I did this with only a cup of coffee and a banana to eat beforehand. We stopped and hung out at Starbucks before I walked about .6 miles back, rounding out about 5 miles, or 8km, in total.

Next time I do this, I will remember to bring my inhaler (because that's just safer), my own water (I had to share the water bottle with Suki, their dog), and eat better beforehand. Other than that, though, this was a great success. I felt as if 5 miles was about the limit I would have reached eventually, possibly 6 miles, but I would have been really worn out. Since 8km is a little short of 5 miles, any 8k walk is within my grasp without any delay of training, provided it's not all uphill or something :)

I want to thank Anya and Brian for taking me along. I found a new place to take the Heare kids when they visit, and I found out what limits I actually have. I think people are a little surprised a fat butt like mine can walk so much, but hey, I have been walking all my life.