punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 03-21-2010

  • 07:02:03: @gwenniepenny because part of ne feels like a sell-out, trivializing some of their scenarios as, "oh, PUH-LEASE..get over yourselves, guys!"
  • 11:42:30: Today I walk for no reason (ssshhh... don't tell my subconscious, it thinks it's getting ice cream).
  • 12:05:44: Apr 10 is turning out to be another "lots of stuff happens." Sorry, @dc_rollergirls takes precedence, guys.
  • 12:08:14: @grantimahara I agree, do not use you butt for testing. The wisdom of 6 year olds; he really cares! :D
  • 12:14:57: RT @alyankovic: The great @BenFolds tries his hand at Chat Roulette improv: http://bit.ly/cJv7BL
  • 16:40:17: Today I walked 4.4 miles through neighborhoods and forest like it was nothing. An 8k walk is definitely doable.
  • 17:10:03: Walked about 8km today in total, details here: http://shar.es/mfCC8
  • 20:47:24: It is just me, or did Ubuntu go from "boring browns" to "tacky smoke and purple?" They need a better interior decorator.
  • 21:15:59: WELCOME TO THE INTERNET!!! http://welcometointernet.org/

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