punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 04-01-2010

  • 06:19:54: @Daecabhir I felt that way when Scarlet sent me an email at age 11.
  • 06:24:14: April 1, 1988 I met the woman of my dreams at the Hunt Valley Marriott at #Balticon in the merchants room. Here's to 22 more years @takayla!
  • 06:34:54: Woman next to me best back off reading what I am texting, that's very rude. You smell like strawberry air freshener.
  • 06:47:02: @beachlurk in her case, she was reading while I was in email; and like leaning over in my personal space and everything.
  • 06:53:35: I have to remember that every news item I read today could be a prank; any new product or policy change especially.
  • 07:39:59: ThinkGeek :: Monolith Action Figure http://shar.es/mrOHg [I hope they make this a real product, although, I guess I could make my own]
  • 10:09:01: I still giggle like I'm 12 when I have to do older Red Hat updates with the command, "up2date -fu" [snort]
  • 10:19:10: @archiestore is a serious rival to @ThinkGeek with their April Fool's product lineup: http://tinyurl.com/y9xgq5e
  • 11:48:46: OH: "I don't have to know what Communism and Socialism *means*; I know they are evil, and there's nothing more to be said." [sigh]
  • 14:42:17: In ticket: "This is a re acuring issue with staff not recieving eNewsletter to our enternal staff member." US education at work, folks.
  • 16:18:46: RT @Glark: I think @TaraAriano is a monster for not letting @Glark get a dog.
  • 16:20:25: @arockingroupie Mt Airy/New Market just does bad things to good people

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