punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 04-03-2010

  • 11:52:57: My late BIL Fran used to call our dogs Ahfu and Widget, "Othello and Luigi." That was so adorable. I miss him.
  • 11:54:03: I will be **ACHOO** doing yard work tod--**ACHOO** [sniff] if anyone needs me. aa aaaaa... ACHOO!!
  • 14:17:00: All the crud the snowplows left behind (garbage, leaves, sand, salt, mud, etc) completely scraped from curbside. Sticks gathered, tossed.
  • 14:18:38: While outside, I was approached by 3 landscapers, our Orkin guy, Mormons, some neighbors, and someone trying to sell me weight loss options.
  • 14:25:34: RT @Daecabhir: ♻ @Hedgewytch: RT @MicheleKnight: “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal, you are the one who gets burned.” Buddha
  • 15:06:06: My monthly "boot into windows to update your iPhone" is today. Boo, hiss.
  • 15:08:00: Updates: Windows, AV, Firefox, & iTunes. Been in Windows 30 minutes, rebooted twice, no work is getting done. This is why I went to Ubuntu.
  • 15:10:40: This is why we have Prozac in our bathroom: http://tinyurl.com/yc53wa8
  • 16:39:38: RT @mcookies PACMAN: The movie trailer: http://mcooki.es/198557
  • 16:58:33: Always good to hear from my boy Andrew Iwancio... he's getting married! Woo!
  • 20:45:34: (RE) Installing Windows XP Home edition for my son. Only because I love him.
  • 20:45:51: @wilw What bet did you lose ;)
  • 20:46:13: @sinspired But... maybe not your neighbors... [I keed, I keed]
  • 22:20:51: Still... installing Windows. Man, Windows updates are a drag. Can't just have it update in all one go, can you Microsoft?

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