punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

The Week is Over...

And I am beat. I have had so little sleep because of my allergies, so I am tired all the time. Zzzzz....

I have updated some pages, and finally got the Balticon Photos up. See my friends! See my new catapult! I also have another Widget picture of him with curly hair (humidity and his fur do not mix well).

Sad note, the Web board ThreeWayAction, which was my vestige of "mundane sanity," is closing its doors on June 10th. I will miss it a lot. A lot. It was a great group of people who really knew how to have a good time. But I think Sara (the main sysop) got sick of doing it, dealing with the abuse, and the cost must have been phenomenal for someone with her current financial situation, so I don't fault her. I have been in her shoes before. She must feel a (possible) guilty sense of relief. But I am still bummed in a general "Oh, fooey!" sense. See, I love fandom and I love my techie friends to no end, but 3WA was a place I could get non-fannish, non-techie people to sound off ideas and get a better calibration of what's really going on with the human race. It was a board I could go to where no one would start a flame war on "The Matrix: Reloaded" and false Buddhism, for instance. None of them would care about how to mount a floppy on OpenBSD, but they would have some great design ideas for a small apartment. It was a cross-section of professionals from retail to law to marketing to HR who all had really good and differing points of views. They had a political forum I loved, a sex and relationship thread I think should be mandatory to read when one reaches puberty, and many, many other neat threads. I don't know where I am going to go now. One of them suggested another board, and I have signed up for that, but... it's not the same. When Hissyfit died, I was seriously bummed, but found 3WA and thought I was home again. Now 3WA is gone. Face it, it's hard to host that kind of thing. But Sara and stee put up with it all, from the cost, to the nonsense, to the technical glitches, to the "TMI Thread," and I think they held up well. They did a good job, and they should be proud for the rest of their lives at what they have accomplished. I thank you two, from the bottom of my heart, for your work. [sniff]

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