punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 04-12-2010

  • 06:23:14: "Well, Irving finally got three slugs in the belly/It was right outside the frontier deli..."
  • 07:44:48: As they plan for @RollerCon 2010 in Vegas, the forming teams are hilarious. Just seen: "Itty Bitty vs. Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders."
  • 08:11:35: Thanks again to our sun, we are safe from another menacing comet: http://tinyurl.com/ybtbcrk
  • 09:16:35: For those at Spike's party who said these guys are hot: http://www.dirtysockfuntimeband.com/dsfb/
  • 13:36:46: @perel42 not for the iPhone :(
  • 13:42:52: @Glark gag me with a spoon, that is so grody.
  • 13:48:40: I am dealing with a client so far removed from reality, I can't even pay attention anymore. This guy manipulates metaphores like fake math.
  • 16:42:13: Stuck at Metro Center due to unspecified "train with a problem ahead." #wmata
  • 16:51:33: @donttrythis I didn't know that noun had a singular form.
  • 17:06:10: Crazy religious person does not get my jokes on manors and feudalism. Or comments about gay Hispanic hairdressers.
  • 17:08:24: I am pretending to look something up on my iPhone, but truthfully... I am preparing a bit regarding zombie carpenters.
  • 17:16:48: Lady got off at Ballston. I may have convinced her that God's pen name is "Random House Publishing."
  • 19:34:19: OH: The pleasure you get out of life is equal to the attitude you put into it.

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