punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 04-14-2010

  • 09:35:08: It's nice to be wanted, but nicer to have Google Voice. A special thanks to Morgan for the invite. :)
  • 09:53:39: I love GV transcripts. Katsucon Entertainment has been called "Kazakhstan Neighbor" more than once to people with thick accents.
  • 10:22:54: When I find an old command, like grep, has an option, like "-An/-Bn" that would have been handy to know over 10 years ago, I feel stupid.
  • 13:13:47: Reading a gripping book about BIND. No, not BDSM, DNS... you pervs...
  • 13:35:44: I also just found out the "fmt" "fold" and "indent" commands. My mind is blown. This would have made programming so much easier years ago.
  • 14:10:31: Gonna metro around this weekend? I wouldn't recommended it... Heavy work on O/B/R/G, massive delays: http://tinyurl.com/y6rqgt6 #wmata
  • 16:59:56: FWIW: I had a KFC Double Down the other day. Meh. But I wouldn't have known unless I had tried.

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