punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 04-15-2010

  • 06:11:57: Stuck at Vienna. "Train ahead of us experiencing problems." So what else is new? #wmata
  • 06:16:08: "Train problem" upgraded to "switch problem" and "supervisor has been dispatched." Not sure which of the three is worse. #wmata
  • 06:25:42: RT @badbanana: Goodnight, you Fresh Princes of Bel-Air, you Kings of Queens.
  • 06:27:49: We're moving again. Train packed lake sardines.
  • 06:39:28: Man with laptop on Metro is angry. He keeps gasping, and using his hand palm up to the screen, as if to say to the Gods, "Can you SEE this?"
  • 06:46:16: Man, people are so rude and angry to one another today: saw a woman smack a guy's head to get him out of the way to an open seat. :(
  • 06:52:29: This guy is NOT happy he got his wife's travel thermos by accident http://flic.kr/p/7TDosx
  • 08:30:13: This is all kinds of wrong on so many levels. This is for kids, really? [SFW, but scary] http://tinyurl.com/y53gnfg
  • 08:43:50: "He has no enemies, but is intensely disliked by his friends." - Oscar Wilde
  • 10:41:28: Having severe conflicts: Is an homage to Blues Brothers, has Weird Al, but's it's frickin' HANSON http://bit.ly/d0vQlh (white as sour cream)
  • 11:11:27: Getting lots of work done today.
  • 13:14:13: I almost got more work done today, but the power cord got knocked out of the back of my computer by accident. :(
  • 13:19:51: Ya'll better remind me to do laundry tonight because I am wearing my last pair of clean underwear. This could get ugly.
  • 21:44:50: "If we can hit that bull's-eye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate!" -- Zapp Brannigan

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