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19 April 2010 @ 04:06 am
From Twitter 04-18-2010  

  • 01:40:01: 2 loads dishes, 3 loads laundry, mowed lawn, made food for the week, cleaned kitchen, organized a cabinet, and my asthma nearly killed me.
  • 01:41:34: Albuterol inhaler prevents sleep. Did you know that? I sure do. :(
  • 09:04:29: I fixed a broken Flip-Flap solar plant simply by taking it apart and figuring out how it worked. I feel awesome being this kind of smart.
  • 09:06:13: Up next as an encore: prove that black is white and gets myself killed on the next zebra crossing.
  • 16:01:50: Spent most of the day cleaning one of those places in your house where stuff ends up when company's coming. Went back to 2003 like Dr. Who.

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