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21 April 2010 @ 04:07 am
From Twitter 04-20-2010  

  • 10:18:33: Bruce once told me only I was crazy enough to understand the FanTek BBS software. I find this same approach works for Windows: insanity.
  • 10:19:43: RT @RealBigDannyT: Everyone is dramatic. Everyone is their own little self contained sitcom/dramedy. You just have to decide which cast ...
  • 14:09:58: Man, what if the owner of a company had a meeting and NO ONE showed up (including himself)? I.. I am not actually sure what my questions is.
  • 15:40:10: If only they had these magazines/comix for the IT industry: http://tinyurl.com/dzkoah
  • 16:59:39: @guantanamobabe I always pay extra to omit the salon that uses a Flowbee

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