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From Twitter 05-08-2010

  • 10:58:04: After much pondering about fandom, and a definition lookup, I have determined I am a synanthrope of the mundane world.
  • 11:01:13: @dc_rollergirls I'll be there. I'll probably Tweet about it. Again. Thus a Twitter power struggle between me and Styx N Stones [jk]. :P
  • 11:46:53: On my way to DC. Train filled with touristas.
  • 11:48:13: OH: "This is the city. They have pickpockets and tourist traps. Don't make eye contact with anyone selling anything." to their little kids.
  • 12:09:10: Touristas now mixed with college brats. One girl is bragging about her communications degree with appalling grammar. Like, yaknow, amirite?
  • 12:10:46: Scarlet couldn't make it to @dc_rollergirls today due to a scheduling error (my fault). I am bummed.
  • 13:29:50: Track set up, merch table done, chairs primed, baked goods locked and loaded. It's time to play! #dcrg
  • 13:54:09: HAHAHAHAAA COFFEE FLAVORED HANDMADE MARSHMALLOWS WITH CHOCOLATE CHIPS [I'll be your hyper this evening...] #dcrg http://twitpic.com/1m5eim
  • 14:10:17: To my hair band loving beloved @takayla; one of the opposing skaters is named Vikki Sixx. #dcrg
  • 14:52:46: Just bumped into @ChrisImpink, one of the creators of @Sledgebunny, and long time convention pal.
  • 14:56:36: About to end shift at practice track. Up next? Dugout. Best and most dangerous checkpoint of the game. #dcrg
  • 15:57:03: Dude, we're losing to Leigh Valley, 102/20. Nooooooo! @dc_rollergirls you're breaking my heart!
  • 16:31:41: Ugh, smoker duty. Not my favorite duty. :(
  • 16:32:39: 134/52 Leigh Valley. Bleh.
  • 16:46:09: 145/58 Lehigh Valley beat the Capital Offenders. Bleah. #dcrg
  • 17:03:16: I also apologize to Lehigh Valley for iPhone "correcting" the spelling of their team name. Up next, Dvhrsxvmoo Crampons vs DC All Stars.
  • 17:30:21: 13 min left of first half, 12/28 DCAS! but Dominion is playing a good game. Still, yay #dcrg!
  • 17:32:07: Lady just asked me if this was "free comics day." Uh... a bit late. Anyway, how would I know? Do I look like a ner-- oh, wait. Yes. Yes I do
  • 17:35:16: @dc_rollergirls oh NOW you're doing the play by play! Just when I got a shift break. :p
  • 17:42:18: The penalty box never got cold in today's games. They should start charging rent. #dcrg
  • 17:43:39: So far it's 24/51, DC All Stars. First half over. WOOO #dcrg
  • 17:51:59: @dc_rollergirls what happened to the lights? What did you do?
  • 20:04:57: We lost, 77/95 Dominion Derby Girls. Boo, hiss. At least no one got seriously hurt; there were a LOT of tumbles and spills on both sides.
  • 22:45:44: Wow... I am so floored by Betty White's muffin sketch. Dang.
  • 23:46:59: Betty White DOES death metal! WOOOO!!!!

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