punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 05-19-2010

  • 06:18:34: "Rumor spreadin' round... In that Texas town... [something something]..." No. I don't know what you're talking about. It's the beard.
  • 06:21:10: @Balticon sent me a "Get Well" card! That is SO sweet, and thanks #bsfs! It did make feel a little better. :)
  • 06:21:37: RT @Lileks: Nature wasn't trying very hard when it came up with iceberg lettuce, was it? It smacks of Friday afternoon work.
  • 07:35:31: @metro_man I hate you door blockers! Pulling rolling bags behind you like child's toys! Grrrrr! ;)
  • 07:39:58: Today's fact: Gibbons (ZZTop) plays guitar with a peso coin instead of a guitar pick but NOT melted-down Cadillac fenders for guitar strings
  • 07:45:03: Wow, M&Ms marketing department, you sure are scary! http://tinyurl.com/2fu2bsg [I am not sure if I am pleased at the jaded reference or not]
  • 07:46:10: @StyxNStones Man, this is why I should show up to practices. But sadly, bouncers are never needed there, and then I'd be a creepy watcher.
  • 07:47:45: @StyxNStones [Correction] Creepy watcher AND pie eater...
  • 08:00:30: @metro_man Good luck in Cancun! I love it there; been there twice. Hope you got an all-inclusive package and drink yourselves silly. :D
  • 12:04:17: @gwenniepenny My favorite song on that album AND one of the very few sung by Ringo (thankfully).
  • 12:05:39: My athame has gone wandering. It's been 5 years now, so I think it's time I find a new one; I'm sick of wooden wands.
  • 14:31:45: Old sea men language that sound dirty but aren't. http://goo.gl/fb/RfHkm
  • 16:49:49: Dangit, former AOL employee I met on the Metro! I can't remember your name! You attend most of Sean's parties, too!
  • 16:52:17: @StyxNStones George Carlin had a bit about that. Buy 2 of everything you like because you'll eat one the second you get home.

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