punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 05-21-2010

  • 11:08:58: Please send healing thoughts to @takayla: she's having trouble breathing, going to doc's.
  • 18:09:34: Jumping Lovecraft on a pogo stick! We have awesome friends! [grovel grovel not worthy...]
  • 21:07:49: Clarification: @takayla has the high BP. Sorry for confusion. Awaiting our turn in line so she can be seen.
  • 21:32:44: Now @takayla has x-rays to add to her portfolio of today's CT-scan. No clots, no embolism, but difficulty breathing and leathal BP.
  • 22:32:02: People at the Fair Oaks hospital are very nice, even when busy. @takayla has BP close to normal now.
  • 23:46:29: Still in hospital, awaiting test results. God bless Kris Trader for putting up with this.

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