punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 05-28-2010

  • 07:37:54: I think @Katsucon should get one of these, paint it light green, put a giant tulip on it, and tour it as a IvyCar http://tinyurl.com/3agvteh
  • 08:55:49: I am convinced XM Radio does not want my money. Despite numerous attempts to get them to charge my card, they don't.
  • 10:04:40: Thought some of my fellow Python fans might like this. I might get it. "Not the Messiah DVD" ~ Eric Idle http://amzn.com/B003DF44SI
  • 15:22:53: For those who need to know, I am on my way to Baltimore... for those who don't, the capital of Nebraska is Lincoln.
  • 16:12:05: "GPS unit, please avoid all highways." "OK, your pennance for your arrogance is 400 side roads, all with stoplights, and bad parts of DC."
  • 19:15:22: "CROOK! CROOK! CROOK!" #Balticon
  • 19:16:24: @ninjacooter I MUST DEFEAT YOU!
  • 22:39:06: @TaraAriano someone STOLEy copy. A higher honor gas never more been paid to an author; your work made someone commit petty larseny
  • 22:40:23: Am I a BAD person trying NOT to giggle during an erotic panel reading? I am 12, jeebus.
  • 22:43:30: I... am in a panel... listening to a guy READ tentacle porn. I am doing this only to support a friend. She OWES me... #Balticon (... ewwww)
  • 22:49:07: Aunt Rogue reads us a .... bedtime story http://flic.kr/p/85Mu2p
  • 23:47:46: My panel tomorrow... http://flic.kr/p/85MY3F
  • 23:56:14: I am in bed, I am at a convention surrounded by friends, Scarlet is cozily sleeping under a table, and all is right with the world. 'Night.

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