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More about Installing Debian - The Punkie Way: KDE 3.1.2

Part of my problem in upgrading KDE was this. I had to add this line to my /etc/apt/sources.list: deb http://download.kde.org/stable/3.1.2/Debian stable main. I thought I had done that (as per the KDE site instructions), but when I went to edit it today, I found out it wasn't there after all. So I added it again, and as we speak, it's trying to update.

I also noticed that when I turned the computer back on this morning, I got a logon screen! Not only that, it wouldn't let me log on as root. I had to log on as another user I had set up, and then I saw I was logged in as Gnome 1.4 by default! Gnome on like 2.2 now, isn't it? For the most recent set, this CD-ROM set for 3.0 sure had some moldy oldies on there. So I did an "su" (superuser), and do my root stuff that way, which I guess I am supposed to do.

No, as a side note here, I hear all kinds of taboo about being logged in as root. There's the "You'll screw up your system!" which is very true, if you do something that would screw up your system that would be otherwise blocked for non-root people. There's always a guilt cloud hanging over my head about doing normal stuff as root. This cloud has been built by many, many years of brainwashing attempts by all the teachers, professors, and everything I ever read. So I usually create a second user, but goshdarnit, I really hate login screens that won't LET you log in as root. That's one of the reasons I hated Microsoft, it always claimed it "knew better" than I did. "You don't really want a bulleted list over a page break," MSWord would tell me, "so I won't give you one. Here, I'll make half the first page blank, and put the bulleted list all on the second page." Grrrr! No! That's why I do most of my writing, heck, even this entry right now, in a Notepad-like text editor. Plain. Simple. Stupid. Then I run it through a spell checker to catch most of my errors. Most. But back to Linux. Red Hat lets me log in as root from their login screen, which I do all the time. I find that with my tinkering, I have to either be root or at the very least do an "su" every other day.

Hey! The update was a success, but it did exactly what it was supposed to and only updated the KDE 3.1.2, which meant I was still running 1,2, or even 3 year old versions of everything else. Mozilla was 1.0, but I couldn't find out how to update that without also updating GNOME. Updating GNOME turned out to be a lot harder, and as of this writing, I have given up for today, and probably this weekend. I had to change my login to "Debian" which gave me the slick and cool KDE 3.1 type environment. I played around with it, tried to get other updates, failed, and gave up for the night.

One thing I have noticed though: This P2/450 seems to run GUIs, even KDE 3.1.2, faster than my Red Hat 7.3 install on my main Linux box. Not like a LOT faster, but noticeably faster. I had heard that before; a lot of people have also said the same about Gentoo. I looked at Gentoo as a probable next project, but they have yet another different way to do things I'd have to re-learn: emerge sync, which is their version of apt-get. But the whole install process looks very daunting.

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