punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 06-03-2010

  • 06:19:40: RT @ephrog: http://bit.ly/07dM8X7 Another reason to love Isaac Asimov
  • 06:23:17: @sinspired when I started taking echinachea a day before, during, and a day after the con... haven't gotten con crud since.
  • 07:07:49: Today is the big day. I get my MRI, Christine gets lung biopsy ("bib-bibopsy" if you're Greek). Like some weird HR Giger version of a spa.
  • 08:44:59: I will think of this when I get my MRI (RT @donttrythis) This will haunt your dreams (Satchmo Death Metal) http://youtu.be/ItUk-5FI0Ek
  • 14:08:46: Christine is out of surgery and awake. I had a baaad reaction to the gallium but I feel better.
  • 15:05:25: Cashier does not know a single fruit code and I am behind a vegetarian. :( hang on kitties, daddy has food. http://twitpic.com/1tmev1

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