punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I wish I had a better camera

I wish I had a camera that was awesome. It does not exist. No, not even cyaneyed's camera.

The camera I want should have the following features.

  1. It should be able to take images as I see them in any light condition. No ISO crap, no dark pictures, no flashes that only seem to light half the scene or wash out things too close to the camera. And I hate blinding people.
  2. I should be discrete and easy to pull out and use. Like an addition to my glasses. The sunglasses that are also cameras have low resolution, terrible lenses, or suffer from #1 above. I lose a lot of great photos because the moment I realize I should take a picture is gone by the time I pull out the camera, boot it up, and point at the scene. I need it to be like *think* *click* in less than a second. I also want it discrete because some people I see on the metro may not like me snapping obvious pictures of them. It's already happened twice.
  3. It should take pictures on a regular basis that auto-delete after a day. That way, I can see things I forgot to take pictures of.
  4. Easy to recharge the batteries and upload to a computer. Or directly to Flickr with the ability to choose private and public on the fly with comments.

Seriously. My life is so weird. I loved it when cell phone cameras came out because I could show you some of the weird and wonder around me. Sometimes I don't think people would believe me. Not that I see Bigfoot, government secrets, or Bill Cosby beating up a midget, but all kinds of other odd stuff.
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