punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 06-16-2010

  • 06:27:47: I watched an episode of Ouran Host Club for the first time last night. Um. Explained a few things. Or... not.
  • 06:42:39: The USPS tracking system is the Cargo Cult of tracking systems compared to FedEx or UPS. Voodoo would be more helpful.
  • 06:44:42: @Arngrim You look so GOOD in that photo. From one author to another, congrats on your first book signing! You deserve the success.
  • 06:48:20: Submitted short story for review for the 2011 Soylent Publications anthology. I like what I have done. Now, TO THE EDITOR!
  • 09:48:56: I dedicate this picture to my friends at the former FanTek computer room: http://tinyurl.com/28ssxtl
  • 09:53:55: I had this dream that at my book signing, I hired 8" fairies in rave outfits to dance to trance at my table. THIS MUST HAPPEN, ROGUE!
  • 11:37:28: I'd like to do an opera, and call it "In Flagrante Delicto"
  • 12:08:36: Looks like I won't be getting an iPhone for a while: "AT&T ... decided to suspend preorders for the time being." http://arst.ch/lab
  • 14:12:57: Orange Line delays: person hit by train at Dunn Loring (gross). Single tracking. #wmata
  • 16:55:34: Watching the tweets about #wmata. Looks like things are a mess: Metro Center, West Falls Church massively overcrowded. HUGE delays...
  • 16:58:30: I am still at work. *I* am not getting in on that Metrorail mess. No sir.
  • 17:00:07: I suppose making your suicide inconvenient for others was your ultimate "up yours!" to the world, sir, but you get no respect from me.#wmata
  • 18:32:45: While #wmata still alerts us of delays, Metro Center not the picture of migrating wildebeests at a river's edge as it seemed earlier.
  • 18:34:18: I have prayer wheel envy.
  • 18:39:01: YOU! Fandom guy! I see you in the "Inigo Montoya" nametag shirt! Ha ha. Nerds represent!

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