punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 06-17-2010

  • 06:50:35: My ankle is swollen, and it's not even the "bad ankle." But I bet the bad one corrupted the good one. I SEE YOU SMOKING BACK THERE!
  • 10:48:34: You know how HARD it is to write good sci fi in 750 words or less?
  • 10:49:40: @Sylvin Please repost! I must see the fluff!
  • 15:56:16: Ankle swelling sharply reduced and will support weight now without too much protest.
  • 20:36:33: I am in an online seminar right now that nobody would believe. I could make money doing this, selling words like "Titanium audio quality."
  • 20:40:19: I think I am 12, giggling at product names like "Kundalini"
  • 20:53:21: ... and the webniar audio just went dead. Luckily they have a PowerPoint still going.
  • 20:57:14: I am soooo glad I learned basic sales techniques back in the day. Right now, they are trying to "sell me on value."

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