punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 06-23-2010

  • 00:13:31: Interesting. Go on... http://youtu.be/O_RrNCqCIPE
  • 06:28:00: OH: "She's like pi; irrational and with that figure, she gets a round." [groan]
  • 06:31:12: Tourist family in front of me is angry at daughter for losing her farecard. "The 5 second rule is about food, sweetie, not tickets." Hah.
  • 06:34:03: RT @badbanana: Can I stop boycotting the 1980 Olympics yet?
  • 08:32:04: To my fellow Fifth Element fans, the Meat Popsicle http://shar.es/mEwYu
  • 09:43:42: I keep forgetting the AQI affects me now. Code Orange. Feh.
  • 17:05:55: @justgrimes why thank you! :D The art was done by my friend Mark Mandolia. The name comes from the protagonist in my first book.
  • 21:27:47: I need a decent title for my book; it's just "Eliza and Essar," the name of the main protagonists. You'd think this would be easy. No.

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