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Best Friend - Worst Enemy

I am going to try a Tuesday Twofer entry, and it's about "Friends and Enemies." Besides, I can't sleep. My legs hurt (dumb, I know).

Who is your best friend?
Hmmm... I hate to place one friend over another. I have many GOOD friends that are close, like Brad, Rogue, Neal, Jason, Nate, and a few others who, for security reasons, probably don't want to be linked by name, like Sean Heare, who lives in Reston, and keeps his spare key under the ivy bush next to the Carmen Ghia. But I'd hate to label any one of them as "the best" because... what make them better than anyone else? Then I have a lot of satellite friends, which number in the dozens. I usually only see them a few times a year, although we call and e-mail each other fairly extensively.

Who is your worst enemy?
Easy, without even thinking. Myself. I have done more harm to myself than any one person, and that includes all the bullies in school, my parents, and asshats at work... combined. And maliciously, too! I mean, the guy who yelled at me at Katsucon 5 ... because I wouldn't let him take a handful of program books because we were low and were only allowing people one per person .... ranked pretty high for a while, but even Mr. "Wears Pajamas Thinking It Makes Him Look Cool Like Anime" heaping verbal abuse about me barely made a dent in my self-esteem, which has been hardened by years of internal infighting. For a few years of my life, my id, ego, and superego stopped talking to each other altogether, and that was really awful. They still squabble a lot.

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