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Open Source Balticon - Part 3: The Handout

Here's the handout that everyone liked.

Great Open Source Links

Here is a list of great Open Source projects. This list is by no means complete, but is geared to those who are just starting out.

Open Source Sites

  • Freshmeat.net
  • Sourceforge.net
  • TheOpenCD.org

Operating Systems - Installed to your hard drive

Operating Systems - Live CDs which boot from CD-ROM and don't touch your hard drive

  • http://www.knoppix.org - Based on the Debian Linux distro, this is by far the best Linux-based Live CD out there. Great for testing if your computer will play nice with Linux. Also excellent as a rescue tool.
  • http://www.sysresccd.org - System Rescue CD, a Live CD that had a score of hard drive repair and partitioning tools, memory testers, and hardware utilities.
  • http://www.feyrer.de/g4u/ - G4U, similar to Ghost, this will copy and mirror hard drives, sector by sector, and save them on an FTP server. It can also load saved images. Good for backing up whole hard drives
  • http://slax.linux-live.org - Slackware Live is a Slackware Linux based Live CD which fits in only 185mb of space, so it's perfect for mini CDs. Also less bloaty than Knoppix
  • http://www.knoppix-std.org - Knoppix - Security Tools Distribution, is an excellent CD for testing your network for security risks.

Various Software - All Open Source and Free!

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