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It is good to be back in the saddle again. I got my first rejection letter from a publisher today since... the 90s? I wanted to share it with you not just because I was proud that I am back in the fiction writing biz, but because it's also kind of funny:

Howdy Grig,

Thanks for submitting your work to [Publisher]. Unfortunately, we've decided not to publish it. Forgive the form-letter -- we don't mean to be impersonal, but the number of submissions we receive precludes us from responding individually.

We know rejections suck; we've been rejected many times ourselves. It could be that your piece needs more polish. But honestly, it could be fine as-is. Taste in fiction is subjective, so try not to let it get you down. Keep reading Brain Harvest, and try us again with your next piece if you think we might dig it.

Keep on truckin,

The Editors

That was a very sweet rejection letter! Thanks, guys! :D

I wasn't too sad about this. I mean, I am sure I'll get a lot of these, and most will be generic and un-funny. But the more rejections I get, the more I see myself as trying. I'm pretty tenacious.
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