punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 07-14-2010

  • 06:30:01: "Smoke reported at Metro Center" delays Orange Line. I hope it's "rock concert smoke." #wmata
  • 06:33:47: Come to think of it, a fog machine might add some class at certain stations. Real Foggy Bottom, for instance. #wmata [stuck @ WFC]
  • 06:59:39: @ninjacooter you're like my commuting buddy now.
  • 07:08:05: We get it Spy Museum ads, THEY ARE ALL THE SAME GUY! Man, to have your ad budget; no wonder your tickets are too expensive #wmata
  • 07:25:44: I am becoming the PXE guru. I can now automatically install CentOS via MAC address in less than 8 minutes from a bare drive.
  • 08:27:27: PXE lessons stall as power outage takes out router in colo. Only tech on site not answering pages. Glad my workplace is better than this.
  • 19:34:05: Thanks to @ninjacooter, I can now add "hair bleaching" (others) to my resume.
  • 21:45:43: ANYONE going to San Diego Comic-Con next week? Can you pick me up an Emily the Strange Limited Edition doll (they are giving them out free)?
  • 21:50:59: UPS just sent me an e-mail stating my e-mail address does not work, and so they can't send me shipping alerts. [facepalm]

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