punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 07-21-2010

  • 15:48:02: Looking at security catalog the company owner gave me. They have spy cameras in sprinkler heads, smoke detectors, and exit signs now.
  • 16:50:31: This train jerks to a start like it's running over roadkil after each station. #wmata
  • 16:58:55: Cheese buug-buugs tonight! Somedays! Too days! [private family jokes ahoy!] [Tooooooonaahh...]
  • 19:40:54: LSD can ruin your hot dog experience http://youtu.be/Q-Sk5EsLvI4
  • 20:43:20: Good news everyone: I have confirmed I have a hard-working assistant for Otakon for the Katsucon table team.
  • 20:49:08: @kittykatya It was sorta intentional, he retweeted me, too!
  • 20:50:14: When is Otakon gonna get their poop together and post rules for the Otakurave? I have ideas to st--, I mean, I want to respect their dance.
  • 20:50:49: Facebook won't load for me. So I wrote some. This may indicate I need to stay away from Facebook.
  • 21:02:09: I have to remember: there are no [shopping] food places near the Inner Harbor. I nearly starved CR and Chance last year when I forgot this.
  • 21:37:16: I want to wish a happy birthday to my mother, who would have been 71 this month.

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