punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 07-28-2010

  • 07:12:21: RT @stephenfalk: Hey, look. Michael Cera's in another zzzzzzz...
  • 09:04:33: According to FedEx, I get my iPhone4 today as part of my plan to avoiding being on the phone. :P
  • 09:09:56: I have been told the name of the Discovery Building shark is "Chompie." This must mean he removes newline characters #perl-in-joke
  • 11:27:54: RT @pattonoswalt: If you haggle in a used book store, you are FUNDAMENTALLY EVIL.
  • 11:31:40: Fried rice and frozen lasagna are the top two hardest things to reheat evenly in a microwave. Lasagna = lava moat with iceberg center.
  • 13:08:20: @grayhawk Previous AOL vendors called me up to a year later on my cell because no one answered the telecom hotline when I left in 1998.
  • 20:01:56: is very sick to his stomach. Like some kind of dull, tense pain. Only minor nausea, thank goodness.

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