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From Twitter 07-29-2010

  • 00:23:43: This is my first tweet in my new iPhone. Installation fairly painless. True test tomorrow. Mwah ha ha...
  • 07:17:43: Is there an actual fort at Fort Totten? Is it behind the cement factory? Anyone know? #wmata
  • 07:54:57: Crap. Now I have Carly Simon's "Jesse" running through my head. Oh no, now it's changed to "Nobody Does it Better."
  • 07:58:08: I have always wondered if Sheena Easton got some line in her contract to be the only singer actually *shown* in a Bond Film title sequence.
  • 07:59:51: I wonder if there's a assassin training school where you have to get a Learner's Permit to Kill?
  • 08:06:49: @ephrog I have often found that a strong moral compass only gets stronger from resistance. Doing what's right is a long-term winning move.
  • 09:47:27: @Glark I went back in time after you and beat him up for that. "What's that aboot?" he cried. "Too bad you don't have a camera," I sneered.
  • 09:58:48: How come the KEI doesn't have cool board names like the DCRG? "Motion to adjourn with extreme prejudice has been offered by Velocityraptor!"
  • 10:07:23: If I made cat food, it would come in at least these three flavors: mouse, small bird, and moth.
  • 11:12:37: @pattonoswalt It is, at best, penultimate.
  • 12:00:41: Wow. He had no idea he was famous twice. I remember the VHS tape back in high school, and now he's in a documentary: http://winnebagoman.com
  • 12:19:55: My first iPhone4 Twitter pic is proof of sharkie butt #dtss http://flic.kr/p/8nLkDX
  • 12:23:53: HOLD ONTO YOUR BONNETS AND PARASOLS, LADIES!! #dtss http://flic.kr/p/8nPwX7
  • 12:34:24: RT @ConanOBrien: The Kindle 3 was released yesterday. I read about it on my iPad.
  • 12:37:45: Sheets of rain in the wind! Clicks of hail on my windows! As the pagans say, "Hail, and well wet!"
  • 14:47:50: A lot of TV stations have forgotten what "quality" means. But not Channel 62. They NEVER knew what it meant.
  • 15:57:50: Red line down between Silver Spring and Forest Glen due to power line across tracks.Yet other stations also affected for some reason #wmata
  • 16:00:38: Traffic lights also dead on Colesville Rd in Silver Spring; cops directing traffic #dtss #wmata
  • 16:02:52: Angry station and train operators yelling at passengers THIS TRAIN IS ONLY GOING DOWNTOWN, NO TRAINS GOING IN OTHER DIRECTION...! #wmata
  • 16:07:40: My car reeks of skunk! Augh... D: WTF #wmata? Car 1137... (gag)
  • 20:25:08: @katsucon ... KHAAAANNNNN!!!!!
  • 21:30:09: Just saw "9." Know what I'll see next? Doll-headed spider cobras with scissors for hands in my dreams for the next few nights D:

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