punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 08-02-2010

  • 06:42:41: Many #Otakon thanks: my assistant Scarlet, Chuck M for the chicken and groceries, Jim M for running the table and truck, Amanda for Japanax!
  • 06:45:02: More #Otakon thanks: Paul for his training, Ed for the photo ops, @Otakon staff, and the rest of the hard working Katsucon table crüe...
  • 08:00:04: Lady Gag's "Poker Face" done to cheek thumping, then later a full band. http://youtu.be/giQbERAqEXo
  • 11:08:22: Seriously, Silver Spring, do you need yet ANOTHER chicken restaurant? How many Peruvian, Fried, or Rotisserie places do you need? #dtss
  • 12:22:44: My right eye won't stop twitching. I think it's due to lack of sleep and stress. Or brain spiders.
  • 14:25:40: Basil Marceaux? You need a PR manager, a speaking coach... and possible a high school education. Vincent Margera has more personality.
  • 16:36:06: A fie upon those who walk in a different direction than they are looking! I despise navigating around these lumbering fools! #wmata
  • 17:18:31: I am HILARIOUS on the Metro to @ninjacooter!

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