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Pre-beach Bingo

Okay, I made my list, and checked it twice. Two days until Beach Time!

I don't like my legs or feet. My legs are hairy with shiny skin, and my feet are huge and ugly. I almost always wear long pants and hightop steel-tipped boots, even in the summer. But for the beach, I wear shorts and sandals because otherwise I'd roast to death in the sun. Dressing like a Goth in the summer sucks, as I witnessed in Salem, Mass a few years ago. I watched pagan-y and goth people wilting in the heat, hiding out in air conditioned coffee houses. So I have had the same pair of cheap, $9.99 sandals since 1998 because, well, I only used them one week a year. Last year, they finally broke. So I had to get a new pair from Target, again $9.99, and these are slip-on sandals that I see soccer players wear after games (I used to know this one soccer player, Gretchen, who used to freak when she saw pre-teen and teen player wear their cleats off the field and in the mall. "They are ruining those expensive shoes!" she'd scream. The joke is that cleats are TERRIBLE on slick floors, so that made those kids double-dumb to her). I figure I can wear white socks with them, and look sort of trendy. Also, when winter comes, I can leave them by the sliding glass door, so I can slip them on to get firewood, and not have to walk in cold, damp grass in my socks or bare feet.

The weather for Hatteras looks GREAT! Sunny all the time. No Hurricanes, freak Nor'Easters, hot hail, anything like that. I plan to sleep a lot. Plus, my Harry Potter book is *supposed* to arrive June 21st, according to Amazon.com, which is tomorrow, a day before we leave. BUT, I have also heard the USPS and UPS are swammped with the books, and thus, it may arrive a few days late. Well, if that's the case, our friend will pick it up, and I might get another copy while I am in and around Hatteras... although I'll have to find a book store... that's not religious... somewhere... The only book store on the island is a religous shop, so I doubt they will have Harry Potter. But I bet you that places like Wal-Mart on the mainland will have it. I have to read it before July 4th, see, because I am doing a panel on it at Castlecon... on the 5th.

In other news, we have a house-guest who will be with us for a little while. She's staying at our house while we're gone to keep an eye on things while she sorts her life back into order, which in the last few days, she has made great strides in doing so. She's not bitter at her estranged husband; she's still hurt, but not bitter. She's going to finalize some training in the middle of July, and will be in Pennsylvania for that. Plus, she may have a permenant place to stay soon, as an old roommate whom she got along well with for years said he'd throw his current rommate (whom he can't stand) out, and take our friend in, although we're not sure when that would be. We set some small house rules about noise and hours, and she's met every one of them without complaint. In fact, she's been pretty innocuous, polite, and very accomidating, and sometimes I forget she's in the guest room, until I look outside and see her car... a 1995 Saturn with a lot of stickers of skulls, radiation symbols, and bumper stickers like "Free Kevin!" and "Spooky girl." Hee! The neighbors are surely talking about this one.

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