punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 08-10-2010

  • 06:29:35: RT @nbcwashington: DHS warned Metro about a possible threat: http://bit.ly/9DZR1D #wmata
  • 06:46:54: Morning B52 http://flic.kr/p/8r6gYx
  • 09:01:04: @sinspired Name the time and place... well, time anyway. I can't drive to New Jersey.
  • 09:03:21: @annaunderscore Man, a Swedish anime nerd who speaks Japanese? I'd totally make you a guest my anime con if I could justify it to the board.
  • 12:19:42: It's done folks, I will be at Context 23 and @interventioncon, but not as a guest or staff (less stress, they don't know who I am... shhhh)
  • 12:30:27: My personal To Do list has now reached the 200 mark. Seriously. I am so behind :(
  • 14:09:47: @kittykatya I'll wear a hat as a disguise. It won't work.
  • 14:19:01: @kittykatya They don't make them in prescription strength. I'll just dress as global warming and no one will pay attention to me.
  • 16:23:18: @Glark new shirt idea, right there. Or maybe "bacon was implied" because that's what all the internet kiddies like.
  • 16:24:46: RT @badbanana: On top of everything else, I don't even think my poltergeist is an American citizen.
  • 19:21:37: The most dangerous soccer game ever. THIRD RAIL RULES! #wmata http://flic.kr/p/8rfVdP
  • 19:34:08: I am now scanning someone's damaged hard drive for infections and viruses. Oooh... look at what's in the hard drive! Dirty girl...
  • 21:36:05: "Sometimes it doesn't matter how loud you scream - nobody's coming. The only one who can save you is you." -Alison @Arngrim
  • 21:41:41: Twitter keeps recommending the Reykjavík Grapevine... which seems like a dangerously casual airplane-style tourist magazine. Not sure.

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