punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 08-12-2010

  • 06:40:17: RT @Angry_Drunk: My SXSW talk proposal: "Slaughtering New Media Douchebags With a Machete: Should I Wear a Luchadore Mask or Not?"
  • 07:08:36: Stuck at Metro Center, Red Line, due to "downed train" at Fort Totten. #wmata
  • 07:11:46: Given the weather, this could also be "drowned train" or "downed tree" as well, need Universal Translator ala Star Trek to understand #wmata
  • 07:29:16: Single tracking on red line due to downed tree and flooding. Announcer asking all above ground stations to secure lose objects. #wmata
  • 07:33:22: Okay, haha #wmata is your crazy girlfriend, assume all liquids are pee. Stop retweeting this already, commuters need news.
  • 08:08:07: Aaaand... my building has no power. Well, OUR offices do. We are a data center with generator/UPS backup. #dtss
  • 08:09:11: I had to climb up 7 flights in pure darkness to get to my office. Building "safety lights" never work here. Luckily, I had a MagLite on me.
  • 08:17:27: @annaunderscore Now we have to sell the concept. "I should be a guest at @Katsucon because..."
  • 08:19:17: Power still out; our building has no AC. I have to go into the data center to cool down.
  • 08:59:55: There may be no filk song, "Peeing in the Dark," but there outta be. I can do lyrics, who among my followers can write music?
  • 09:22:11: "Peeing in the dark... peeing in the dark... We shall come rejoicing, peeing in the dark...." Everybody...!
  • 09:36:28: "Storming in the morning, put us all in darkness... Urges in the noontide and the need to pee..." Now, just the men...!
  • 09:37:44: Now power's been out for a while, UPS boxes are all starting to beep like a field of electronic crickets.
  • 09:53:02: @ravyn It *was* done to "Bringing in the Sheaves..." I almost did it to the song, "Pinky and the Brain," but had issues rhyming "dark."
  • 10:10:19: Our building has been shut down. Turns out the power problem is building-centric only; building transformer blew up during storm.
  • 13:05:25: The sun has been out for a while, and no AC in the offices is starting to really cook us. We are closing blinds to reflect out the sun.
  • 16:01:17: On a hunch, I got on the Red Line early. Then MoCo texts out a priority alert of possible tornados. Y'all be careful out there :( #wmata

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