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From Twitter 08-18-2010

  • 07:09:56: @jdb820 trains in Moscow actually work better and run on time despite any weather issues #wmata
  • 07:11:48: Commute screwed: Single Tracking on the Red Line between RI Ave and Judiciary Sq due to "incident at Union Station." #wmata
  • 07:22:00: This next song is dedicated to #wmata and @FakeWMATAAlerts "I've seen fire, and I've seen rain..."
  • 07:29:08: @jdb820 "...in Soviet Russia, the train system suffers for YOU..." Wait. Oh crap! Soviet Russia is better! Soviet Express: don't leave home.
  • 07:36:37: @jdb820 communism is a great theory that can be ruined by just one lazy person in the group. :/
  • 07:40:26: RT @FakeWMATAAlerts: Attention Passengers on the Red Line: our annual Union Station Barbecue has been taken inside due to inclement weat ...
  • 11:33:09: Me: MMmmm this Caramel Pudding Snack Pack will taste like caramel!
    Pudding: No I won't.
  • 12:30:57: I had this as a kid, and I agree with this guy 100% - Mousetrap:The Board Game review http://t.co/P2A7LMX
  • 13:14:44: @AdrianneCurry FRANkENFURTER... IT'S ALL OVER... YOUR MISSION IS A FAILURE... YOUR LIFESTYLE'S TOO EXTREEEEME... [also explains reality TV]
  • 13:17:28: I desperately need some successes. Some winning hits. Today is not a good day for the Punkie.
  • 13:50:14: "You are number 1 in a queue of 1," HP says. For the last 10 minutes. Wow, they really don't want to sell me anything, do they?
  • 13:52:55: I miss HP's service at AOL. I could just go down the hall and say to a guy named Mike, "Hey, here's what I need." BOOM I'd have a quote.
  • 14:34:33: Anyone who sarcastically asks me today, "What do you want, a medal?" will get a confirmation and specs on said award.
  • 14:34:38: Well, I guess Gustav Holst has been avenged thanks to Pluto's demotion. http://tinyurl.com/22wedjk [music nerd alert!]
  • 15:16:14: @grayhawk You asked for it. Hope your company is rich: http://t.co/AaO0h21
  • 22:28:15: RT @Lileks: I'll bet Roger Waters has spent the last 30 years having his pudding *before* he ate his meat.
  • 22:39:13: RT @Oatmeal Unhappy Cobweb time. http://bit.ly/9EDkNq Ever notice when you run into cobwebs or bees, from a distance, you look crazy?
  • 22:42:31: If "Sim City" and "Black and White" didn't have enough enough idolatry for you, Populous has grown up http://tinyurl.com/2ej6ljl

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