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Linux - The Gentoo Floppy Quest continues

Okay, I managed to get emerge working on this system by piggybacking a Fedora disk set. Since this is a P266, I am still on the emerge system part of it, which is day 2 into the basic compilation (I started from Stage 1... up yours, I didn't need a reason). This step was really limited because I had already unpacked the sources, from TomsRtBt, but without DNS, the machine couldn't resolve the URLs of all the packages. But now that's solved because the Fedora Floppies have dhcp (although, they force you to have Fedora ISOs on a server somwehere, which I realize is a luxury that many do not have). This is my plan:

1. Get a working Gentoo System
2. Recompile a small Kernel fit for a floppy
3. Get Busybox on the floppy
4. Test it out on a clone of this box (I have like 20 of them).
5. Test it on other boxes

Of course, there will be a lot of sub-steps, like "3a: Figure out how to compile Busybox," and so on. I also want to add the caveat, "I may just give up on this at any time, distracted by the next small and shiny object."
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