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From Twitter 08-27-2010

  • 01:11:26: Wow, remember Jennycam? Caught a reference on a rerun on TV.
  • 02:05:59: Our steed is a white Dodge Avenger, and we're off!
  • 03:02:02: Passed the Frederick Holidome. I MISS YOU FANTEK CONS!!!
  • 04:14:20: Passed the Land of Cumber: the barest hint of dawn behind us. Either that, or the mescaline kicked in.
  • 04:17:16: Look out, mountain people...
  • 04:28:55: @pattonoswalt listening to you on @ninjacooter's iPhone on a road trip to Columbus. I, too, have gods playing tricks on me.
  • 04:44:13: Passing Morgantown... I have to text Twitter because there's no 3G or even Edge. No Internet for me :(
  • 06:30:31: Cell service in Waynesburg suuuucks...
  • 07:07:26: Images from Waynesburg, PA http://flic.kr/p/8vPMMo
  • 07:09:52: After a light breakfast at Bob Evans, we're back on the road. I have Internet for now. I am so addicted, it was like losing on of my senses.
  • 07:13:39: Just crossed into West Virginia; gonna buy me a banjo. Lots of ads for "Gentlemens clubs" on billboards WTF?
  • 07:25:07: Aaaand now in Ohio. [sigh]... There are mountains here, too. Not round at both ends, though.
  • 07:54:44: Passed Quaker City, OH; police prowling around speed traps.
  • 08:32:37: Muskingun? I am in a town named Muskingun?
  • 08:41:25: Swear to God, in Brownstown in "Licking County." You crazy, Ohio!
  • 09:09:02: This is what welcomed me to AC/DCs "Thunderstruck" during a moment of the road trip http://flic.kr/p/8vMTkt
  • 09:10:29: Somewhere in Ohio, near whatever this is http://flic.kr/p/8vQWc9
  • 09:15:23: Colll-UM-BUSsss!!! We're HERE!!!
  • 09:17:53: Oooh, Columbus has tall buildings like a REAL city and everything!
  • 09:39:53: Aaaaand we're at the wrong hotel :( Magical Tomtom device sent us 14 miles off course to -different- Doubletree hotel.
  • 09:45:01: Magical Tomtom device knows nothing of new construction and temporary one-way streets; told us to take bridge that no longer exists.
  • 09:47:51: Literally, half of downtown Columbus is under construction like repairing damage after a giant monster attacks.
  • 10:16:43: Now at correct hotel, and the hotel is set up for us, but there is ZERO con staff. Kind of weird for late Friday morning of a con.
  • 10:17:40: Even the merchants room is vacant. Merchants usually set up by now. /shrug
  • 10:28:18: Well, nobody's here yet, we're going to hunt for adventure in the wilds of Columbus hotel row.
  • 10:31:46: Where are we??? http://flic.kr/p/8vNQUc
  • 10:32:55: Fabric of society is dry clean only http://flic.kr/p/8vNRQ8
  • 11:02:41: Our lodging is someone's apartment who is leaving for the weekend. I get a bed and everything! w00t!
  • 11:42:16: The economy is bad: I am speaking with 2 waitresses who have college degrees and NOWHERE to work. Tip your waitress. They are starving. :(
  • 13:55:00: Wow, pre-reg is a mess. Nothing is in alphabetical order, the girl handling pre-reg has CP, and everyone said they were hired 2 days ago.
  • 14:27:35: I mean, I like fandom and all, but I hate it when someone talks like they are quoting something clever all the time. Skeeves me out.
  • 15:13:58: Macrianime or Macross-Sitch?
  • 17:04:13: We are attending a humor panel which contains neither.
  • 17:05:19: I am a witness!!! RT @ninjacooter: Panel 1: what I learned - fish + boobs = PROFIT.
  • 17:15:18: I need Midol from all this cramping holding back laughter. This panel is the Sam Pekinpah of tragic humor. It is Plan 9/Conrad Brooks bad.

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