punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 09-05-2010

  • 00:45:02: Boo to acid reflux and dreams about camel crickets.
  • 10:09:32: Dinosaur Knowledge vs Age. Too true. http://bit.ly/buKurY
  • 12:44:45: Punk Rock Hardware shopping. EXTREEEME!!! http://flic.kr/p/8ykm94
  • 12:46:04: Tomatoes! http://flic.kr/p/8yoqPo
  • 14:09:56: RT @SethMacFarlane: Hey, when those trapped miners in Chile finally get back up here,
    let’s all pretend to be robots from the future.
  • 14:11:55: Shopping done. I now have light again in my kitchen (new bulbs). And duct tape.
  • 14:13:10: Only one week for @interventioncon. Still no new book. I am behind schedule, and started writing Steampunk for 2011. WTF?
  • 15:16:37: @wilw I repeat this a lot. It's a great, concise philosophy I strongly believe in and follow your newslett^H^H^H tweets.
  • 17:15:00: @kittykatya it's on the Netflix queue right now! Been watching, laughing.
  • 21:24:01: FOX5 news rehashing "Paul is Dead" Beatles urban legend. I have so many things to say about this, my brain jammed.
  • 21:29:57: How can someone have a -secret- "Paul Lookalike Contest" in 1966? What are the odds of finding a clone that sings & writes? #paulisnotdead
  • 21:35:51: Why backmask or leave album pictorial clues like a 1960s Batman villain? Who does this? #paulisnotdead
  • 21:39:23: The guy FOX5 interviewed was like the comedic stereotype of a lone nut; all he was missing was a tin foil hat. #paulisnotdead
  • 21:41:45: You know what FOX5 really dropped the ball on? Reporting on Clarence, the secret black Beatle. They totally stole his ideas. #paulisnotdead
  • 21:44:58: Clarence wrote "Help" and "Ticket to Ride," as "Help Me, Man" and "She's Got a Ticket to Ride, But the Bitch Don't Care, Man" #paulisnotdead

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