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This post really doesn't tie the room together...

So, I saw "The Big Leboswki," because most of you gave me over a decade of hype. I finally saw this film and it confused the heck out of me. It was like they kept opening up the plot threads wider and wider and then just ended. I was promised the quality of "Pulp Fiction," Raising Arizona," and "Fight Club," all of which I liked. I did not like this film. I mean, I had a few LOL moments, but overall, it was confusing and poorly edited. And I don't understand the cult following, particularly.

After soliciting a few opinions, I found out I am somehow broken inside and don't get the overall message. Some of you got ANGRY about it, and that was even weirder. One of these main things I keep hearing is "everyone has a part of them that wants to be THE DUDE." I don't think I am one of them. At all. Part of what bothers me about films like these is the main character seems to have a lifestyle with no seen monetary support but sustains anyway. Potheads with no job or goals are pretty much people still living with their parents, or have a roommate who doesn't have the stomach to toss them out on the street. Or they are homeless. First, let me ask an honest question:

How much does pot cost?

I literally have no idea. I know it's sold in quantities like dime, nickel, and by ounce or gram. I researched this online, and figured a joint runs about 40-45 joints per ounce on average, and an ounce around here might be $120-300/oz depending on quality. No idea in LA when this movie was supposed to take place. But a joint here would be between $3-5 each (I guess) and The Dude was smoking several a day.

Where did he get the money?

Now, that's just weed. I am not sure about rent, since it said he was late, and his landlord looked a little squirrelly, so let's assume the landlord doesn't really collect. Unrealistic, but possible if the landlord is an idiot. So The Dude needs to eat. He also has power and phone, right? And a car, so he needs gas, and technically insurance unless he's also driving uninsured (also possible). He also has to pay for bowling lanes and lord knows what else for tournament fees (although, maybe his friends cover him for that). Basically, even at a very low estimate, The Dude needs a monthly salary of several hundred bucks. And he has no job. In the real world, these people sponge off of roommates and parents, but The Dude lives alone.

And that's hard for me to accept. But that was just one problem I had with the film. It seemed like the movie opened far too many complicated sub plots and then never did anything clever with them. Like the story kept unfolding and then never presented an end that made my 2 hours of keeping track of everything even worth it. I kept expecting this clever end, but it just seemed like "the Dude" was a character left high and dry without any growth or reason to invest time in him.


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