punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 09-12-2010

  • 00:19:20: S. A. T. U. R. D. A. Y ... NIGHT! #interventioncon
  • 09:30:43: I would like to announce to @breegeek that I have now had TWO conversations with her while drunk at two different cons. #interventioncon
  • 09:39:50: I am gonna propose chaos: @pfischer, @ninjacooter, @Daecabhir, @grayhawk, and @sinspired in a @Balticon Podcast together. Mt. Dew sponsors.
  • 10:37:51: Based on last night's #bsr, Ambient YakketySax - Slowed down 800 times by Punk Walrus http://snd.sc/cZr860 via #soundcloud #interventioncon
  • 10:44:21: Given money and health issues, @ninjacooter and I are not coming back to #interventioncon today BUT congrats again to @onezumi !!!
  • 10:45:15: And whatever it takes, when pre-reg for #interventioncon starts for 2011, WE'RE SO THERE! WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!
  • 11:41:34: @pfischer @Daecabhir @Balticon @ninjacooter @grayhawk @sinspired #balticon DATE AND TIME! I WILL BREAK YOU. Or something else tough-sounding
  • 17:00:43: Just had a HUGE migraine pass through me. Knocked me out. I blame my diet "plan" I did this weekend. Too much caffeine, for one.
  • 17:06:38: @sinspired @Daecabhir @grayhawk @pfischer @balticon @ninjacooter I'm a rebel, podcast. You wouldn't understand.
  • 18:42:52: @sinspired @grayhawk @daecabhir @pfischer @balticon @ninjacooter We came, we saw, we kicked its PODCAST!
  • 18:48:28: @sinspired @grayhawk @Daecabhir @pfischer @ninjacooter @balticon Second podcast is a set of steak knives. Third podcast is you're fired.
  • 18:51:56: The next few months I will be dedicated to family, Katsucon, and writing in that order.
  • 20:09:53: @Glark you're a MONSTER...
  • 22:10:09: RT @DanS42: There's some crazy new elimination competition reality show on NBC now called "Sunday Night Football". #fb
  • 22:38:19: RT @thebrianposehn: Without Twitter I wouldn't know what my idiot friends think of the VMAs. I also wouldn't know that the VMAs are on.

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