punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 09-17-2010

  • 07:06:21: RT @etherius: If a man in Montana steals electricity from neighbors in Canada, does that make him an international joule thief?
  • 07:08:51: @apeyanne I think I'm going to go to that.
  • 08:34:51: Wow, #RedHat, you really got to get your Partner program employee training together. My rep is like a confused gerbil.
  • 09:22:33: I want to DEEPLY thank CR, Anya, and Brian for moving that busted-ass furniture out of our rec room. [grovel]
  • 10:12:42: Hey, just a reminder: @dc_rollergirls first season bout Oct 2nd. Come play with us.
  • 11:01:54: THIS is what I am going to insist for my next @Balticon PodCast. Guest authors. House rules. [evil cackle] [rumble] http://bit.ly/c9Sc8L
  • 16:41:54: RT @Charm_CityCakes: FRIDAY DANCE PARTY!
  • 23:05:22: I am glad I don't have a quick temper: I got an *insulting* e-mail out of character from a friend, turned out I was the wrong recipient.
  • 23:12:46: @fuzzface00 You're a tease. Fine, I'll send you the money order to Liberia for my inheritance from someone I never heard of.
  • 23:17:01: Dedicated to a friend stuck w/cinderblock-loving sorority wannabes: answer the phone, "Delta Delta Delta, can I help ya, help ya, HELP YA?"

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