punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 09-19-2010

  • 06:23:30: RT @pattonoswalt: You: "Why me?" The Universe: "And you are...?"
  • 06:33:41: @arockingroupie Hee-brooz in da house, yo. Hava nageela, whut whut??
  • 06:42:38: Yesterday: lots of writing got done. Several loads of laundry, cooked chicken, then hung out with CR and watched "Airplane!" & "Airplane 2!"
  • 08:30:54: Protect your chicken from Dokken (yes, the 80s band) - http://t.co/cAvkyGy
  • 08:36:54: Laundry day http://t.co/VElQ24u (slightly NFSW). Um. My wife never sold any of those... wands.
  • 10:06:50: @Balticon has hit new lows by allowing me to be a member of their Podcast team. :D
  • 10:08:47: "I wouldn't want to be part of any club that would allow me to be a member." -- Groucho Marx. [naw... jk, and thanks @pfischer!]
  • 12:31:54: Because @ninjacooter haunted me with a BUBBLY film clip, I will give you this terrifying non-sequitur you can't un-see. http://t.co/KcLTwZ9
  • 21:25:59: Tip: given time, crazy people in your life tend to either fade away or get proper meds. Revenge only delays this fix.

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