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From Twitter 09-20-2010

  • 08:07:21: Make this your desktop wallpaper, and your brain is guaranteed to eventually explode: http://i.imgur.com/smGhy.jpg
  • 08:14:22: @limbsakimbo I have faith in you. I've seen you mop the DC Armory. Nothing is out of your reach.
  • 08:15:38: @metro_man It's measuring where the towers for the mobile phones are. AT&T always reports I'm at Metro Center anywhere underground
  • 09:37:23: Phone number from Beltsville has called me 4 times in the last 10 minutes. Voice mail is in ANGRY foreign language. [sigh]
  • 09:41:18: I think if we, as a group, stop hating Mondays, they won't reflect our negative energy back at us. I'm just sayin' guys...
  • 09:48:47: @RubyCosmos Well, someone owes me $20 then. The pool was up to $500, but a non-death was no group payout. Where's my bookie?
  • 09:54:29: @RubyCosmos "Deeznuts" was the name of my Weezer cover band.
  • 13:53:29: It's been 15 years since the last "Punk Walrus Field Trips for Peace." Who's ready for a new one? How about Oct 30th, the DC Mall?
  • 15:24:37: @fuzzface00 I would, if I knew what the "same..." referred to. Like, Intervention or Balticon? Or this Sunday?
  • 15:25:01: @pfischer I have downloaded the audio for listening later today.
  • 15:55:47: @fuzzface00 answer is YES, but I need to precede it with a Greek version of the afterlife to add emphasis. HADES YE-- aw, I screwed that up!
  • 16:08:41: Hooray for found candy! Smarties from @kittykatya and @ChrisImpink's table at #Interventioncon I forgot I put in my backpack. Thanks guys!
  • 16:13:39: Slow Red Line is slow. #wmata
  • 17:07:50: Is pondering how a friend is going to do his podcast outdoors at a political rally...
  • 17:31:24: @fuzzface00 and no one will think thats a bomb?

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