punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 09-22-2010

  • 06:44:21: Train down at Dunn Lorring. Orange line backed up at Vienna. #wmata
  • 06:46:34: @kittykatya "Disco Sunk My Router" ... that was the name of my Dead Kennedys cover band
  • 06:48:33: Finally got to Dunn Lorring, people from downed train packed on tighter than a Tetris game on level 27. #wmata
  • 06:50:01: RT @metro_man: Just saw a bus driver at Union Station with a blinged out belt buckle that read "PIMP". I know pimps drove long vehicles ...
  • 07:33:04: The soundtrack in my head today is a Kodo drum team, a huge children's choir, and a new wave synthesizer. Everyone wears kimonos.
  • 08:05:44: Gusher for an Eye http://t.co/AnzhP8h ... I am not sure if this is appetizing. But it sure is weird.
  • 08:08:45: 1990: Tired because I was up late gaming. 2010: Tired because I was up late shampooing carpets. Sorry ladies, he's married.
  • 11:22:31: If you sell specialized PC gaming equipment, chances are, you don't need to spell out what "GUI" means, @xoxide :D

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