punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

At CastleCon!

I am in the computer room, at Castlecon. It's 11:34am as I start to type this, and I am in the computer room, helping out a bit, and listing to kick-butt DDR Trance music. There aren't a whole lot of people at this con because it seems there are at least 18 other cons close by within 30 days in either direction. I don't have a whole lot today, except Opening Ceremonies.

The freebie table is full of Dell Optiplex P166 machines. Man... I had have a moratorium on taking in any more orphans less than 300mhz, because it would be stupid and silly for me to have a whole bunch of computers. Jabberwok, my old MMX 166 at home suddenly stopped seeing all the drives on the primary IDE channel, and unless it's because two hard drives went bad or the IDE cable fell out (not likely)... the motherboard might have finally died. I'll scrap what parts I can, and then junk it. Shortly afterwards, Alice, the 486/DX4 100 machine, running OpenBSD, also got a hard drive error. But I can't work on them because Rogue has all her stuff in our geust room, and I don't want to toss her stuff everywhere. The machines are not vital, so there's not hurry.

Must... resist... taking 4 P166 ... orphans... they are slow and use... use... (say it, Punkie) useless...

They don't even have CD-ROM drives!

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