punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 09-23-2010

  • 08:16:05: @ninjacooter thanks for setting that up. It's weird that my iPhone could donate resources to such an ancient ritual.
  • 08:16:31: RT @choochoobear: Idea for popular control: unwanted babies replace buzzers on gameshows. To buzz in, you hit their soft spot til the cr ...
  • 08:19:27: Ravel may not have thought of my morning commute when he composed "Boléro," but wherever he is now, I thank him. ONWARD!! #wmata
  • 08:23:14: @nerdist I love your punk music, Tina.
  • 08:27:52: Twitterverse warns of political people at SilverSpring station. Rehearsing, "I no speek yoo eengleesh..." #wmata
  • 08:48:14: World's most brutally honest divorce lawyer promises freedom from your poisonous hellhole of marriage. http://bit.ly/bLYvkY (RT @AdFreak)
  • 09:04:40: Letter from a side job: "Sorry we haven't written you in over a year, but we canceled the project." I figured that when they stopped paying.
  • 12:53:51: Our brave lady @takayla is out of surgery. Her heart is healthy and clear, and she's recovering nicely. No new word on her breathing, tho :(
  • 12:57:09: I'd also like to thank, deeply, @thedreamymoon, for her help and love!
  • 15:08:14: My favorite joke: http://t.co/AFRtlBT
  • 15:15:36: RT @Rally4Sanity: America, can you smell the sanity? Yes? Call your doctor. Could be an early warning sign of stroke.
  • 16:00:45: (I used to do this at AOL) RT @rosscott: Why have an office? SO YOU CAN NAP IN IT.
  • 16:02:10: @ninjacooter that's one of mine. Seagulls belong to Christine.
  • 18:17:05: Spoke too soon, @takayla is in a lot of pain, she's staying at the hospital at least overnight. Sorry guys :(

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