punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 09-26-2010

  • 08:18:38: On my way to Baltimore.
  • 08:57:41: Waiting for the bus like I am in grammar school again http://flic.kr/p/8E6xM4
  • 08:58:11: The praying mantis wishes she had paid more attention in Spanish class http://flic.kr/p/8E6y8z
  • 09:08:08: So far the staff of Megabus has been friendly and efficient.
  • 09:15:30: So far, my company is mostly 20somethings like actors, dancers, athletes, students, and some polite older Asian people. Not Greyhound scary.
  • 09:21:15: Drove through DC's "Chinatown," but I sneezed and missed it. I think I may have seen a lamp and a Chinese character.
  • 09:52:19: Trapped on the highway. Suspect horrible accident as emergency vehicles pass us.
  • 09:54:30: Horrible accident confirmed. Yeesh: overturned car, crushed minivan near Powder Mills Rd.
  • 11:07:18: Safe north of Baltimore, met Paul the drummer, Andy's dad, and had the first coffee of the day. ("Hold on tiiiight... to your dreams...")
  • 11:11:59: Andy and Tori's Commitment to the Stars has been moved to the Denny's on Bel Air road due to pissy weather.
  • 11:18:41: YEAAHH!! RT @derbyintheburbs: @dc_rollergirls defeat Dutchland 206-118: DC 9th place, Dutchland 10th #wftda #derbyitb
  • 11:57:16: RT @apeyanne: Dear Ghostbusters, I love you. You still have the best one-liners in the last 26 years. Love, me.
  • 11:58:05: Tori, ye guys, is awesum!!
  • 12:23:00: The Bride Tori and her cool shoulder octopus http://flic.kr/p/8E9Pde
  • 12:24:26: My Flickr mail, which also sends tweets, is broken somewhere. So much for posting pics live.
  • 13:05:16: I am DEEP in enemy territory with my @dc_rollergirls jacket...
  • 14:28:45: I am apparently at the Kosher table. Literally, I am the only one here allowed to eat bacon and have cheese with my meat.
  • 14:31:54: @AUSA_Chair your meetings are more fun than mine.
  • 15:56:30: Most quoted line, "Can you ring my phone-- oh, here it is..." - Andy
  • 15:58:57: This was an excellent wedding; pity you bums couldn't make it.
  • 17:18:25: The girl giving us a lift to the afterparty has a blue skull for a gear shift. And a black suede roofliner. Brutal. ;)
  • 18:10:46: Weird to see 20-somethings doing Edward G. Robinson impressions. I blame Looney Tunes.
  • 19:26:18: After a series of coincidences that plague my life, the Megabus almost left without me due to a puking baby, a Russian woman, and rain.

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