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28 September 2010 @ 04:06 am
From Twitter 09-27-2010  

  • 07:16:37: Red line is a mess. "Situation resolved at White Flint" my ass. #wmata
  • 07:30:34: @arockingroupie seriously! So depressing. As I am hetero, cannot comment George's hotness factor. He's still from Facts of Life to me.
  • 08:00:34: Spelling is really at an all time low. I just got asked "weather or not craters corner is open for applications." [insert meteorology joke]
  • 08:57:58: I keep forgetting how far Boston is from New York City. Like a four hour drive. Why do I keep forgetting?
  • 09:01:27: RT @dc_rollergirls: SATURDAY-DCRG's season opener! DC DemonCats vs Cherry Blossom Bombshells @ DC Armory-doors at 3, action at 4! You kn ...
  • 09:05:20: Work is out of coffee. Let the riots begin.
  • 10:25:49: New Fiction - Valigeance (warning, MONDO depressing): http://t.co/srheYmw
  • 11:00:07: RT @TaraAriano: Me: "Do you actually care and want me to explain how 'The Choir' works?" @Glark: "I don't! Tell me LESS."
  • 11:15:46: If there was a 7-11 around here, I'd buy a Double Gulp Mountain Dew, and drink it until the bleeding commenced.
  • 11:19:50: OH: "They are so tragically hip; I hear they eat at this German diner in Baltimore, Chad and Frida's?"
  • 15:30:26: RT @pattonoswalt: It's so hot in Los Feliz today I just saw a hipster too tired to be over The Killers.

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