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Castlecon - Day 2

I swear, I'll have photos of this stuff online... eventually.

Right now I am in the computer room while two caffeine-spazzed sugar kids are running about, screaming. This has been the worst point of my day.

Which means today has gone very well. It started when we got up late, but not too late because we had time enough to get coffee at Starbucks. Yes, I am a corporate whore... and how! But I got a tuna sandwich, a cheese danish, and an artery-clogging Brownie Frappachino. That sure woke me up! Good thing, too. First panel was at 11am.

My friend panel, "Living Techno-Geek in a Post Dot-com Society," was pretty filled. Bruce showed up, and had some very interesting comments about the new fad, which may just be local for this area: security clearance. I might start looking into this. At noon, I had a Punk Walrus reading, where Paul (Katsu merchant Czar), Rocky, and his friend from England, Dot, attended. I read "Punk walrus Makes Toast" again, plus some new stuff from Tony Bumper. Then I had an hour break where I got to the merchant's room and had a girl work on my back for a 15 glorious minutes (oooh... ahhh... massage). Then at 2, I went and did my "Harry Potter and the Panel of Discussion," which was packed, and everyone had some good points and questions. A lot of cross-information cleared up a lot of gaps in knowledge for everyone. Then, I totally shifted gears and held a "Computer Diary 2003: Where are we now?" I talked about the new trends in technology and computers, and then led to my 4 o'clock panel, "Tech Tales of the In-duh-vidual," where we exchanged tech horror stories. That was pretty full. At 5, I went to see CR's panel on Neo-pets, but he was doing well on his own, and since I am not into Neo-pets, he let me go early. I then went to Rocky's "Compressed Giant Montsers," which is a very art-neuveau exhibit of monsters in jars while Rocky plays some of the best trance guitar music I have ever heard. He wasn't playing a CD, put playing live with his electric guitar and many, many wa-wa pedals that were on long repeats that lopped and layered everything he played. Truly remarkable. I came for the monsters, stayed for the music. He has a CD, though, and I bought it.

That led to Masquerade, where I was asked to be non-judgemental judge. I was more of a mental judge, with all kinds of quips and snide remarks like "Janet Brady called, she wants her wig back" and "Most Likely to Stick to Refrigerator Magnets." And now it's like 9:30 in the evening. At 10, Christine is hosting the Art Show's Gala, which is having a Toga themed party. A lot of people have taught us how to properly put on a toga. Damn authentic re-enactment people... :)

I also got a room. Not that I needed one, but Cheryl needed four more rooms to make hotel block, and I wanted to help her out after all the other times she and Bruce have helped ME out...

Tomorrow, I am going to get me another one of those massages, then do the art auction. Then the weekend ends for me...

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