punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 09-30-2010

  • 07:52:46: @metro_man stay classy, Metro Man! [click click] :D
  • 08:06:44: The little punk girl in the "Close to the Edit" video is in her 30s. Downtown Julie Brown is 51. The 80s are far, far away...
  • 08:16:20: @Sylvin That was around when I had to wear them, too.
  • 08:51:29: This evening, if all goes well, I will be doing voiceovers for my first Podcast for @Balticon. Hope I don't screw it up.
  • 08:54:51: "Later on the Genghis Khan boobcast-- DANGIT!" "Episode 44.95, take 32..." "Later on the Balticon castpod-" "CUT!" "Really, I can do this!"
  • 08:56:45: ... and I wonder how to pronounce the word "Hrab?"
  • 09:07:13: @StyxNStones Meth labs use more distilled water, rubber tubing, and coffee filters than pseudo-ephedrine. Security theater, amirite?
  • 10:02:49: The sky in #dtss just got very dark. Like "giant spaceship hovering above the city" dark. MoCo on Severe Thunderstorm alerts.
  • 11:09:47: @ChrisImpink I also notice these deaths happen in threes. Glad it's not just me.
  • 11:11:50: One fish, two fish, chatty fish, dead fish. #ForbiddenSeuss
  • 11:12:39: Mr. Brown Can Screw, Can You? #ForbiddenSeuss
  • 13:55:23: Words I will use in tonight's podcast: Norwegian, twiddling, coelacanth, Sturgeon, and funk. Plus many more!
  • 14:31:27: @sinspired Eat barbecued meat on a stick? That's what I see him doing on films lots of times.
  • 14:34:34: RT @Blankitout: Hey, enough. I'm tired of "prequel hater", "true fan", Lucas basher", "actual fans". Just drop these words right now. Th ...
  • 15:09:37: OH: "The man who seeks revenge should always remember to dig two graves." So true, so true...
  • 15:30:57: My promise to you, the readers...: http://t.co/oTWMGA7
  • 16:10:14: The last train stopped, paused, and then left w/o opening doors. The surprised look on the passenger faces at the doors was priceless #wmata
  • 16:27:47: What's that scraping noise, train operator? Look what the last train left behind #wmata http://flic.kr/p/8FkeYi
  • 16:51:26: @StyxNStones going for next year's award early, eh?
  • 19:05:40: @metro_man I -love- Greenpeace and what it stands for, but even -I- hate those canvassers. You're not a bad person.
  • 19:12:45: The most popular model of car sold worldwide. Seriously, Google it. http://flic.kr/p/8FmZux
  • 20:58:17: @StyxNStones let someone else have a turn! :D Seriously, tho, something may be rooted and growing. Nuke from orbit. Or baking soda?
  • 22:58:50: Podcast done, should be up in a day or two. Lesson 1: Bring Mt Dew & water. Lesson 2: and albuterol. Heh.
  • 23:00:17: Oh, and thanks to @pfischer and family for letting me in their lovely home and feeding me dinner. :D

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