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Questions about Technicon

Back in the day, which is slowly slipping away as "before some of my readers were born," there was this convention held in Blacksburg Virginia Tech called "Technicon." It may surprise a few of you that I have never been to one. I know, right? There have always been good reasons, but mostly because of size, time off, and it's kind of a gaming con and gaming is not my shtick.

But GOOD things always came from Technicon. Mostly in the form of people. I can trace the roots of some of my oldest friends to Technicon, via FanTek, or via Katsucon, which merge into "via Katsucon through FanTek" for a lot of them. And yet I have never been to one. A lot of genres that spread to the east coast cons came from Technicon, like anime and steampunk. And that's not surprising. I never went to college on record, but if I had, I would have chosen Virginia Tech upon retrospective because so many great people and good things came from there. I was trying to get CR to go there before his dreams of being a vet tech were unfairly crushed.

But again, it struck me as too small a con to travel all the way to Blacksburg, which as one friend told me years and years ago, "It's not the end of the world, but you can see it from there." But now I have a purpose: to really start getting my writing career launched. 2011 is my target launch date for a lot of writing projects and I will be traveling more with other authors in the same boat. But the Technicon website right now has been hung in 2010 mode for a while, and what they had in 2010 doesn't look all that impressive.

So does anyone know:

- How "put together" is it theses days? The 2010 website seems a little squirrely (2009 is better).
- How many attendees are there, generally?
- How hard is it to get a room for the con? How "walkable" is the HGI 1.3 mile trip (I can walk a mile in 15 min, but if there's 10 highways to cross, then no).
- Is it mostly gaming people, or are there authors there as well?
- How expensive is Blacksburg? It's a college twon, so I suspect cheap, but I dunno.
- What's the merchant's area like? Do they even have one? It seems they don't have one listed.
- Is it worth going to if you're not a gaming geek?

I know a lot of you are attendees or have been throughout the years. I am just wondering if it's worth it.
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