punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 10-01-2010

  • 07:17:12: @pfischer I took a cooties shot (thanks to Katsucon medical), sorry. Thought ERF might be a carrier.
  • 07:20:56: Anyone want some free #wmata stuff? This has been abandoned in my car; no employee in sight http://flic.kr/p/8FsHSz
  • 08:43:10: Back in the day, which is slowly slipping away as "before some of my readers were born," there was this convention held… http://j.mp/9wzZXg
  • 09:16:09: HAH! I have been citied in Wikipedia!: http://t.co/UXRuGEN
  • 09:22:56: Anyone go to Technicon recently? Need advice: http://j.mp/9wzZXg
  • 09:34:56: Weather is getting cooler finally, so on goes my @dc_rollergirls jacket, which means people ask me about it, but I get flyers on Saturday!
  • 09:36:31: Just a head's up: You a Lewinsville Elementary Graduate from 70s/80s? We're having an informal picnic reunion, Olney Park, 10/3 at 4pm.
  • 13:16:19: This man is a master of stalling. Best court transcript you'll see in a while: http://bit.ly/aNr6uH
  • 13:19:18: @ChrisImpink ? Here's the third. Stephen J. Cannell (creator of A-Team et al) dies. http://bit.ly/cwnX3V
  • 15:00:13: I thought "Hrab" would be hard to pronounce. Now I have "Bacigalupi." What happened to names like Niven or Bradbury?
  • 16:03:26: Well, on Red Line to Grosvenor, and the operator has forgotten to turn on cabin lights. Should be fun when we go underground. #wmata
  • 16:12:30: Alas, my "Haunted Ride at #wmata" ended when we went under Kearney St, and the operator probably noticed he couldn't see anymore. Fiat lux!
  • 17:23:55: @RubyCosmos same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. "Ugh, I forgot how BAD this linoleum looks!"
  • 17:25:51: RT @badbanana: I screwed up by using helium and now my inflatable girlfriend and I are drifting apart.

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