punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 10-02-2010

  • 09:33:50: Today looks like thunder. Thunder of polyurethane on wood. DC Armory. 4pm. Season Opener. @dc_rollergirls
  • 13:16:03: The huge protests in DC for OneNation are clogging the DC Armory station. #wmata
  • 13:25:15: The DC Demoncats' new uniforms are SNAZZY. I just heard that DC is hosting regionals next year! Holee molee.
  • 13:34:21: Kudos to O'Canadoll for having her volunteer mojo together: we have full security, and setup was done in record time.
  • 13:54:27: Yeah!! My friend Denise got into the program book!!! As the Da Bomb!! W0000t!
  • 14:26:59: This may SOUND geeky, and it is, but I have now earned my very own @dc_rollergirls STAFF shirt, and I feel awesome!
  • 14:30:47: The DC Armory has TOTALLY banned smokers. Even outside. That's not gonna be popular :(
  • 15:01:35: Taking dugout position for the next hour. Game is about to begin.
  • 15:51:02: Seriously? Someone brought and set up a baby pen? To roller derby?
  • 15:53:01: 2 min left, 38/34 SFO. Small Frye is a force to be reckoned with in the Motley Crew, though!
  • 15:53:27: 38/49 Motley Crew! What an upset!
  • 15:56:52: Dang, what a hair-knuckle end! 50/33 Motley Crew!
  • 17:14:43: Staring across the track to @kittykatya and @ChrisImpink and making sure they are not up to something... (I'm watching you)
  • 17:43:39: Man, 113/82 DCD is beating CBB. 1:06 left on the clock. Bummer.
  • 17:46:25: Final score 136/87 DC Demoncats... Again...
  • 21:17:23: @lolipopya you should. You worked hard, guys. Even tho you didn't win, SOMEONE earned all those points! That's why you're my favorites.

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